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Reduce the costs of your company by joining Kék Cégcsoport for only a few thousand forints per month. The strength of the Company Group lies in unity, thus we can provide 10-50% discounts compared to the official list prices. By today, more than 4,000 SMEs enjoy the discounts provided by the Company Group. If you join, you will also enjoy the more profitable operation of your business.

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Credit-enhancing services

As the member of the Kék Cégcsoport, you can not only reduce your costs, but you can enhance your credits. As part of the connection fee, our online Kék Körkép service also becomes available due to which you can establish immediate relationship with more than 4,000 companies


extensionIntroduce unlimited amount of services and products
extensionReach an international and domestic partner network
extensionOpportunity to contact potential customers directly

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extensionSearch for suppliers
extensionReach an international and domestic partner network
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About us

We founded the Kék Cégcsoport 20 years ago and it is currently composed of more than 4,000 companies; we have members all over the country.

The area representatives have a direct relationship with the members who – within the framework of the advisory activity – help the business to optimise the costs and use additional services. The Company Group continuously grows, our business partners and the services we provide continuously expand: we monitor the prices and enforce additional discounts during the negotiation of prices with the service providers. We allocate wider range and larger discounts to our members which are needed for the successful operation of the business and private life.

The business community which has been organised for mutual business benefits, the strategic goal of which is that we provide competitive prices and modern services at a much lower price than the list price for the SMEs. We offer significant discounts in several areas (telecommunications, insurance, vehicle purchase, fuel purchase, credit administration, business and tax advisory, travel) due to which you can reduce the operational costs of your business, while the membership provides other benefits for the businesses.

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Join Kék Cégcsoport community and enjoy the discounts, services it provides, as well as the possibilities to obtain new links and clients.

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