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Track businesses

With ”Körkép”, you can track businesses that are relevant to you, so you can stay up-to-date on their events, new services, news, and product launches.

Follow economic news

In addition to business partners and customers, you can follow domestic and international news even specific to a country, so that your business is always ready to take on the economic challenges of tomorrow!

Follow international news and events

The efficient operation of our company depends not only on economic indicators but also on many other factors (epidemics, natural disasters, workers' strikes). By the time the regular media broadcast the news to us, in many cases it is too late to respond. Following our news is an ideal feature for our members who work with international suppliers and their operational operations depend heavily on a trouble-free and timely supplier.

Country specific news and contents

Select the countries that are relevant to the efficient operation of your business and follow their local news and economic indicators. Know your target market as much as local competition!

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